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Kanzlei Reutter

Asset and Estate Administration
Inheritance Genealogy Specialists

Kanzlei Reutter
Klosterhof 14 (Altes Rathaus)
89077 Ulm
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Martin Reutter
Württ. Notariatsassessor

Salaried and freelance colleagues:
Claudia Reutter-Philipp, Württ. Notariatsassessorin

The office, which has already been in existence since 1997, specialises in asset and inheritance administration as well as inheritance genealogy research under German law, particularly in connection with

Curatorships / Administration of Estates (by an Administrator appointed by court)

Executorships (Execution of a will by an Executor appointed by court or last will)

Settlement of Estates

Asset Administration

Counselling and management of Trusts.

The core competencies include

world-wide search for unknown heirs (heir search, inheritance genealogy) and the

procurement of the documentary evidence necessary for the issuing of the “Erbschein” (certificate of inheritance under German law)

in the exercise of own duties, or those of persons appointed by the Court.

The experienced team accomplishes the diverse tasks and challenges of these difficult fields of activity with expertise and professional competence. In this, they are aided by state-of-the-art technology, extensive specialised literature, numerous cooperation partners and a large network of, depending on the particular case situation in question, consultable proven experts and specialists.

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Martin Reutter
Klosterhof 14 (Altes Rathaus)
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Telephone: +49 (0)731 1405 999 0
Telefax: +49 (0)731 1405 999 1